Logo & Branding

Creating logos that resonate and brands that inspire enthusiasm through color, composition and connectivity.

Who the heck are you anyhow?

Your brand is not just your color palette, logo or even what you say you are. Ultimately your brand is what your audience thinks you are. Through careful considerations, combinations of color, visual and written words, a brand will begin to unfold. We’ll work to understand your tastes, define unique industry factors that matter and review your biggest competitors.

Corporate Logo Design

Memorable logos that keep people thinking about your business.

A corporate logo is just one of the many required building blocks to creating an effective and complete brand strategy. We pride ourselves in delivering extraordinary corporate identities. Through thoughtful planning, exhaustive research and a detailed creative execution process that’s second to none, a unique and authentic identity is born. Let us show the world who you really are and why you mean it.

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Program Branding

Sub brands that connect with clarity.

Defining your products and services to the niche audiences they are intended to reach can be impactful. For businesses with expanded skews or proprietary services, constructing a unique story or selling mantra through the use sub brands can offer a better-defined reach while reinforcing the master brand even further. Fore example, Coca Cola, we are all familiar with this multibillion dollar brand. Thus, we can also easily identify the family of products that falls beneath its glory; Sprite, Fanta, Dasani, Smart Water and more. We have the marketing expertise and business know how to help you formulate crafty, thoughtful sub-brands that communicate your business brand strategy more effectively.

Event Logos & Experiential Branding

Transcend those in attendance.

Experiential works to show people not just what your event is, but who you are in society and what your organization is about. When attendees can see your brand’s human side, they connect with it more deeply. TMC executes event-branding components designed to do just that.

Tagline Development

Nutritious and delicious.

An artful tagline can help to define your brand even more so. We’re great at creating cause for your audience to stop and think just long enough to absorb your message. Our taglines might ask a question that begins a conversation, or deliver a deep contrast that makes the consumer stop, think and smile. No matter which course we take, we’ll work to understand your goals and your purpose to create the right voice.


TM Creative was just the professional graphics/marketing and web design service our commercial cleaning company was looking to hire. Jami is a fantastic graphic artist and branding pro and Tim is an excellent web developer and technician. Together, they have an eye toward developing products that will not only get the job done today but will stand the test of time.

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