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With so many competing messages and visuals out there, YOUR BRAND BETTER STAND TALL.

Our one (1) hour Corporate Brand Assessment (CBA) is designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of effective branding strategies and to also take a look at your existing materials to ensure you’re delivering a consistent, compelling message to garner the business sales you desire.

  • Discover and formulate an action plan to address inconsistencies or deficiencies in your message and visual approach
  • Explore untapped avenues/mediums where you can extend your brand awareness further
  • Get an outsider’s perspective at how your organization may be perceived

You may be overlooking critical items relating to your company’s brand strategy and overall effectiveness.

We have found that most businesses feel they have the branding component of their company’s advertising in good order, but do they really? If your message and visuals fall shy of your competition you lose sales. Why? Because you never even had the chance to start a conversation with your prospective customer.

What can you do about it?

Take immediate action by requesting your (1) hour Complimentary Corporate Brand Assessment.

How does a Corporate Brand Assessment work?

Before we meet with you, we’ll dig in and perform the initial research discovery on our part necessary to:

  • understand your business vertical and get a feel for your industry
  • formulate a basic understanding of the type of customer type you desire

Next we’ll review your digital and printed materials to see how you are representing your BRAND across multiple platforms. (IE: websites, brochures, business cards, logo, white papers, folders, print ad examples etc.)

Following the preliminary research stage, we’ll sit down and review all the things that sound and look right. Great BRANDS are formulated over time. We know you know your business and appreciate the history behind it that exists.

Finally, we’ll bring awareness to any deficiencies we recognize in your branding. And most importantly, we’ll offer insight on how to do it better, make your message more consistent or modify your approach to increase your profitability. We’ll also talk about any missed opportunities we discover that could help increase your business’s bottom line.


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Let us help you grow your business. Easy as 1 2 3…

  1. Take a few minutes to fill out the simple form below.
  2. Schedule your appointment. A TMC representative will contact you momentarily.
  3. Sit down with us and review the findings.

We have an innate passion for BRANDING here at Trademark Creative Ltd. Our twenty year plus obsession to produce the industry’s best and most memorable brands gives us an endless amount of knowledge and insightful information that we would love to share with you.

There is no obligation to engage us further, or to move forward with items or services we may discuss. We simply welcome the opportunity to get to know you and learn about your business. And hey, if extending a valuable tip or two helps you succeed even more so, we believe Karma will prevail!

Simply complete the form below to get started.

    Do you have any particular area(s) of your business marketing you would like us to pay specific attention to? (check all that apply).

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    Let us know a little about your company. For example, who is your ideal customer? What current methods are you using to market your business? What marketing methods are you seeing good a solid return from investment on currently? The more you let us know about your business the more we can assess your branding strategy. We'll ask you additional questions when we sit down together, we'd just appreciate some insight to get our wheels turning in the right direction until we meet.

    Send us any PDF electronic files or scans of any printed materials you would like for us to review. The more sales and collateral materials you can send along, the better. (IE: brochures, business card, sales folders, print ads etc...). To send multiple files, please package them up and send to us in a .zip compressed document format.

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