How well does your website perform in the eye’s of Google?

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Google search is the #1 default starting point for customers find your business. Whether a search is performed on a mobile device, tablet or through a regular desktop computer, you cannot afford for your website to not get found due to lack of performance. Not showing up in search results or ranking extremely low is a literal loss of revenue stream.

In today’s highly competitive online business climate, your website needs to deliver optimal site performance and engagement. Optimal site performance contributes to obtaining higher ranking positions in Google search results – and better search results means an even better bottom line for your business.

What is a Website Performance Audit and how can it help me?

The Website Performance Audit is a comprehensive health and structure check up for your website. Literally, the Website Performance Audit reviews and identifies all the technical factors that could impede your website from reaching a TOP Google search rank position. Your website needs to be well structured and as error free as possible. This real time test will provide you with a robust outtake of invaluable data.

What info will I receive in my FREE Website Performance Audit?

Your Website Performance Audit will be comprised of 8 detailed sections:

  1. Health Check: A series of structural tests to verify that Google search engine can crawl your site easily and intelligently.
  2. Pages Analysis: An on page review to check for errors that Google robots may encounter while crawling your website pages.
  3. Meta Analysis: An individual page check to ensure page titles and meta descriptions have unique content.
  4. Content Analysis: An individual page check to ensure no duplicate content exists on your website.
  5. Link Analysis: A comprehensive check of every external and internal link on your website to ensure no missing anchor tags exist.
  6. Images Analysis: A thorough check of every image featured on your website to verify Alt text and Image titles are assigned.
  7. Mobile Friendly Test:  This test will check to see if your website works and renders smooth on desktop, smartphone, and tablet formats. Quality results will dramatically influence both your conversion rate and ranking in Google. This is by far the most important test in the series.
  8. Usability Test: A test to verify browsing capability, speed performance, if a custom favicon and 404 redirect page is in place.

Is this report the same as SEO or SEM?

NO. However, the Website Performance Report supports successful overall SEO/SEM strategy by providing specific structure and usability insights. Without a healthy structured site, successful website promotion is challenging and the external positive effects of SEO/SEM marketing can be reduced greatly.

If you are investing in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) efforts, you can’t afford to not request and review the information contained in this valuable report. Even better, your report will include easy to understand explanation paragraphs written in layman’s terms so that you’ll gain an even greater understanding on how great structure delivers even greater online results.

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    We are extremely pleased at the outcome of our recent website rebuild from TMC. Moving from a standard website to a mobile responsive site build was the right move we needed to invest in. Beautiful graphics, lightning fast and visually striking says it all. Thank you TMC.

    Josh Kadish, AIF®, RFC™Retirement Planning Group