Digital Marketing

We don’t push particular tools or technologies, nor do we sell you into signing up for services. We listen, reflect and assess.

No pre-packaged cookie cutter plans here.

Even in the digital space, marketing is all about the emotional connection you make with living breathing people. We’ll analyze your audience, understand your goals and create digital campaigns that work. Whether it’s content creation, SEO, E-blast marketing, redisplay ads or PPC, we do what makes the most sense for you.



Content Creation

Crafted to perfection. Perfected to craft leads.

The content you disseminate on your website plays a major role in your site’s user engagement and overall optimization. For example, keyword infused content can contribute to the site’s ability to successfully gain organic and even paid search results. Online content crafted utilizing keywords is an effective SEO strategy, especially when used in tandem with appropriate back links. We deliver content that is fresh and relevant establishing influence with your audience.

  • Blog Article Development
  • Website Page Content Development
  • Info-graphics
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Planning Calendar

E-mail Marketing

So many clicks your readers will have Carpal Tunnel by the time it’s over.

So this may be a bit exacerbated, however we do know a thing or two on how to leverage the power of persuasive e-mail marketing. Well executed e-mail marketing boosts sales and build invaluable trust with your clientele. With mobile viewing and mobile web applications measuring roughly 70% of all checked emails, developing mobile optimized responsive campaigns is critical component in all of this. Lucky for you we’ve dibble dabbled for years crafting exciting graphics and compelling content inside of leading 3rd party email services such as MailChimp, ConstantContact and Act On to name a few. We design our newsletter and promotional marketing eye candy using the latest and greatest responsive coding methods to ensure an intuitive, positive engagement no matter what device is in play.

  • E-newsletters
  • Promotional E-blasts
  • Order Confirmation E-mails

Pay Per Click Advertising

Not a one night fling, be ready to commit.

Of course you likely already know that quality Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) efforts start with great keyword research.  Creating a solidified list of highly specific, targeted keywords will ensure you’ll be in position for better quality scores and higher click-through rates out of the gate.

We’ll perform an exhaustive review of the online space your product or service is competing in, to include peeking around at your competition. Next, we’ll run keyword research reports and interpret the data to define which keywords to use in the campaigns we deploy. It doesn’t end there. Pay per click campaign work requires constant nurturing to make fine-tune adjustments to words, monitor traffic times and more to ensure everything stays on track for the best possible outcome. Our monthly PPC Management Service delivers the professional expertise and attention campaigns require to effectively drive traffic and conversions.

  • Update Monitoring To Improve Campaign Ads
  • Monitoring Progress
  • Expanding Keyword Lists Upon Data Review
  • Organization Of Keywords Into Formidable Ad Groups
  • Data Review And Adjusts To Deployed Campaigns
  • Negative Keyword List Filtering



Re marketing

Got organic traffic and reasonable bounce rates on your website?

Re marketing is a strategic component that can successfully drive sales or promote awareness of your brand. If your site has considerable organic traffic with reasonable bounce rates, re marketing ads give you the option to reach these same people after they’ve visited your website. The re marketed ad can display when previous site visitors are searching for your types of products or services while they are visiting other websites – amongst other situations.

We have the ability to customize re marketing lists in order to achieve more specific advertising goals. Re marketing efforts can also deliver more efficient pricing opportunities: since we can tailor bid strategies on a bit more complex level of bidding. With dynamic re marketing campaigns set up this allows us to create dynamic ads which pair your feed with ad layouts, scaling beautiful advertisements across your entire set of products or services. Since all this mumbo jumbo requires expert skills from expert PPC folk, we think now would be a great time for you to give us a call. We’re ready to get the PPC party started.

We are extremely pleased at the outcome of our recent website rebuild from TMC. Moving from a standard website to a mobile responsive site build was the right move we needed to invest in. Beautiful graphics, lightning fast and visually striking says it all. Thank you TMC.

Josh Kadish, AIF®, RFC™Retirement Planning Group