The Advantages of Using Digital Marketing

Quality digital marketing can help business owners increase traffic to their websites.

The benefits of digital marketing

In today’s digital world, it should come as no surprise that marketing a businesses requires deploying a variety of digital online mediums as well. Almost everyone stays connected while on the go via smartphones, laptops and other devices. Therefore, one of the most effective forms of marketing to invest in is digital and for numerous reasons.

Digital marketing evens the playing field

Digital marketing in Las Vegas helps even the playing field,  allowing smaller businesses to get in the fight to capture the eyes of a large metropolitan area. No matter how big or small your business is, you can receive the same amount of exposure online if you have a sound digital marketing strategy and an experienced agency to help you. In brick and mortar stores, smaller businesses would traditionally struggle to match the glitz and glamour of larger stores, but in an online digital world, the fancy fixtures and finishes don’t matter as much. As long as you have a smooth and well-developed website that is easy to navigate you stand a real solid chance to compete with others.



Digital marketing offers real-time results

Online advertising offers you easily measurable results. Whereas with many traditional advertising mediums, the ability to measure results can be challenging sometimes. Furthermore, you usually have to wait a while to experience the effectiveness of deploying traditional marketing strategies.  With online advertising, the results happen in real-time. Online advertising also provides analytics that show you information about your website visitors. The data can give solid insight as to what they’re looking for, so you can adjust your website or landing page to accommodate the exact search and need they are looking to fulfill. With analytic tracking in place, you can also learn about the number of visitors your website gets and also see what times of day produce the most traffic etc. A digital agency will also research and discern which keywords tend to bring in the most visitors and craft specific campaigns around this data. By learning about the demographic information your visitors show,  you can better target them in your overall marketing strategies online and in your storefront as well.

Digital marketing provides greater exposure

Digital marketing also provides your business with greater exposure than you could ever imagine. When businesses hand out fliers and send out mailings, very few people actually pass them on. Most end up in the nearest trash can, or even worse floating around in a sea of litter. However, with digital media outlets such as social channel posts, emails and online flyers, people are much more likely to forward and pass them on since all they have to do is click a button. News about your products and services to include any specials, discounts or promotions you’re hosting can be spread more quickly via online advertising channels.

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Note about the author: As core founder and Creative Director at TMC, Jami Teer-Murphy leads all branding and marketing strategy efforts. She has a broad multidisciplinary background and over twenty years of advertising industry experience. Though beginning her ad biz journey designing in traditional mediums, Jami embraces all things digital and in a big way. When she’s not creating visual brand communication magic, Jami can be found reading, attending a seminar or blogging about it. She affectionately refers to this behavior as her own form of “OCD” (Obsessive Creative Disorder).