Content Marketing 101

Are you a Las Vegas business owner who has a professional, well formed, SEO optimized website? If you answered yes, then it’s high time to make the plunge into content marketing. Below are a few base points to help you understand what content marketing is and how it can help your business grow exponentially online.

How content marketing services will help you to build your business

Although many Las Vegas business owners are ready to take their company to a new level of excellence and efficacy, they oftentimes don’t know which strategies they should use to accomplish the objective at hand. If you’re seeking proven techniques that will help build your business, you should know that attaining high quality content marketing services is a sure fire way to improve your brand’s level of visibility and conversion in the online sector. Learn more about how digital advertising experts use content marketing strategies to build your business by familiarizing yourself with the following base of information:

What is content marketing?

Although defined broadly, content marketing is a two-step process designed to enhance brands in a manner that promotes optimal visibility and conversion. The first part of content marketing is the creation of compelling content. The best website development Las Vegas (hmmm… we happen to know of these!) firms utilize teams of writers who will manage this time consuming task. The second part of the content marketing process is publishing the web articles and/or blog posts created by writers.

Content optimization

Content optimization is a process that involves enhancing the client’s content so that it obtains optimal ranking in the search engine results pages. There are numerous strategies that content writers can and will employ to realize this goal. One important and effective strategy is enhancing the way the content will scan. As many digital marketers know, online readers typically do not read web articles and blog posts in totality. Rather, they quickly scan through the documents to find the information they need. For this reason, content writers place primacy on optimizing the scan-ability of the business owner’s content through the use of various textual elements like:

  • headers
  • sub headers
  • bullets
  • numbered lists
  • infographics
  • calls to action
  • special fonts like italics, bold, and underlining

Content distribution

Once writers have optimized your online content, they will move forward by publishing or “distributing” it. The goal with the content distribution process is to ensure that as many people as possible see the content. More specifically, digital marketers want the client’s target market to see the content because these are the individuals who are most likely to invest in the brand. There are several strategies advertising experts will use to make the content highly visible, and one of them is the use of social media optimization (SMO) strategies. For example, content marketing specialists can tweet links featuring a new piece of content to the brand owner’s audience via Twitter. Additionally, marketing mavens can add Share Buttons to the client’s website and blog. This strategy increases the likelihood that the people who read the client’s content will then share it with other people in their social networks.

Summing it all up

It’s no secret that building your business online is a great way to increase your sphere of influence, enhance your conversion rates, and expand your base of loyal clientele. But what business owners may not know is that attaining excellent, expedient content marketing services plays a profound role in the realization of these business goals. By reviewing the information outlined above, you can decide if now might be the right time to invest in a solid content marketing strategy. I can tell you this much, having quality content that people care about will most certainly prove advantageous in helping you build your business!

Note about the author: As core founder and Creative Director at TMC, Jami Teer-Murphy leads all branding and marketing strategy efforts. She has a broad multidisciplinary background and over twenty years of advertising industry experience. Though beginning her ad biz journey designing in traditional mediums, Jami embraces all things digital and in a big way. When she’s not creating visual communication eye candy, Jami can be found reading, attending a seminar or blogging about it. She affectionately refers to this behavior as “OCD” (Obsessive Creative Disorder).