How to Retain Customers Through Your Website

If you want to increase your customer base, consider a new website makeover. Updated mobile optimized responsive website designs can help attract new and retain existing customers.

Capture customer attention with a custom website

Driving customers to your business website can take a lot of hard work and persistence. You may spend a considerable amount of time creating ads and buying ad space on various venues before finding the right sweet spot for conversions. This process can become very expensive over time. This is why it is critically important that once you have reached the goal of bringing/landing customers to your website you must captivate them to spend time while they are there. This repetitive cycle can be discouraging, but there are ways that you can improve the landing first ten second reception of your business by engaging an experienced website development Las Vegas company to design a custom site that dazzles the visitor.

Retain customers with an upgraded website experience

If you’re having problems converting website visitors into paying customers, consider upgrading your website design and layout. When you implement a new website theme, it’s like getting a new business image makeover. As we all know, most businesses work to continually improve their store layouts, online presence and more in the quest to allure more and increased spend. Since most online shoppers typically judge a company or product by its image, an upgraded website will definitely help retain potential customers’ attention and work to increase overall conversions. If you have what they’re looking for and if your web content is relevant, and your website experience is polished…new customers will be much more inclined to purchase products or services from you.


Benefits of a new and improved website design

The creation of a new and improved website, landing page or a lead capture page is way too difficult to develop on your own. If you’re not familiar with the website development processes or HTML codes why would you ever attempt to produce a website? Not to mention, understanding user patterns and online ordering patterns to ensure successful conversion paths are in place. In order to retain customers, you need to understand their patterns online. Designing a quality website landing page requires years of expert study and incorporation of easy navigation geared to move the user through the sales cycle. Website developers and digital marketers spend years studying, creating and testing landing page templates that are attractive and relevant to work in tandem with current marketing trends. A digital agency warehouses the talent of professional web developers, writers and designers who are knowledgeable in SEO and content strategies that also work to land visitors on your restaurant website pages in the first place.

Why you should hire a professional website development company to craft your website

If you are a professional pastry chef who owns and operates three successful pastry shop locations throughout Las Vegas and Henderson, and a web developer who had no real culinary training to speak of walked into your bakery and touted to you that he or she could bake croissants too, how would you react? Being a professional baker, you know the tricks of the trade and special methods indicative of turning out the flakiest, most melt in your mouth croissant creations. Sure the website developer is more than capable of purchasing a DIY box of croissant pastry dough, where he or she can follow the “box top” directions for adding butter and water etc. The website developer’s “box top” pastry will likely never deliver anywhere near the level of perfection compared to the croissants you hand make.

The DIY “box top” pastry may render a respectable end result, however it may not necessarily deliver a magnificent work of pastry art. This same rule applies when you purchase an “off the shelf” website or web related product as well. One must understand that the quality of any product will likely be lessened in order to ensure that a consistent, fail proof final product can be delivered. Manufactures of mass production items from food to technology spend a lot of time and energy to apply checks and balances with what concessions they must make in order to mass produce products that turn out consistently okay for novice users. A professional baker who has been trained in the art of pastry making would always hand craft dough from scratch.

Professional pastry chefs would never use “box top” recipes

The same train of thought rains true when it comes to deliver exceptional website design, SEO, SEM and digital marketing. When you engage a website development Las Vegas firm who is experienced, you get experienced results. A quality digital agency will carefully plan, write content and hand craft every aspect of a custom website. At Trademark Creative Ltd. we refuse to succumb to deploying an “off the shelf” template website. Template websites can be purchased by thousands of other businesses. Who wants to blend in with the competition? Everybody knows that blending in with the rest of the pack will never grow your brand and set your business apart for success.

Website developers eren’t bakers. Pastry chefs aren’t website coders. Point taken…

Engaging a professional digital agency is the best route to take when you are ready to retain customers and take your business to the next level. Website development services are an intricate part in building customer volume online. Once you’ve launched your new website, digital marketing can promote your brand in a huge way. When you hire a firm who offers a wide range of services such as customized website theme design, quality content development, keyword research and PPC digital marketing, you can expect to achieve high ranking SEO results and greater online sales volumes and in store foot traffic.

Lucky for you we know the perfect digital agency to help! Give us a call today to schedule a complimentary creative needs assessment to find our more on to jump start your online marketing.

Note about the author: As core founder and Creative Director at TMC, Jami Teer-Murphy leads all branding and marketing strategy efforts. She has a broad multidisciplinary background and over twenty years of advertising industry experience. Though beginning her ad biz journey designing in traditional mediums, Jami embraces all things digital and in a big way. When she’s not creating visual brand communication magic, Jami can be found reading, attending a seminar or blogging about it. She affectionately refers to this behavior as her own form of “OCD” (Obsessive Creative Disorder).