3 Digital Advertising Tricks Las Vegas Entertainment Venues Can Use to Convert Facebook Fans Into E-mail Subscribers

If you own a Las Vegas entertainment venue and are searching for ways to stay ahead of the competition, then growing your e-mail database should be a top priority. E-mail marketing is one of the most cost effective AND important digital advertising tactics you can invest in. Having a robust e-mail list allows you to effectively market your entertainment business throughout the calendar year. Effective e-mail marketing can help you fill seats during slow times. Effective e-mail marketing can also help you build customer loyalty for more repeat business. So why not start by leveraging the fan base you’ve built on your business Facebook Page to grow your e-mail subscriber list?

Effective digital advertising can convert your Facebook fans into e-mail subscribers.

We all know how important it is to grow your Facebook fan base, create engagement and build a community around your brand. However, did you know that a whopping 77% of consumers still prefer to receive permission-based marketing through e-mail over all other communication methods? What does this mean? It means that anyone who opts into your email-marketing program literally gives you the “green-light” to engage with them. This is an extremely powerful thing. I’ll expand on the power of a quality e-mail lead nurturing campaign during another article. For now, I’m going to share three various methods you can use to convert your Facebook fans into e-mail subscribers.


1. Grow your digital advertising e-mail list by integrating an effective e-newsletter sign up form on your business Facebook fan page.

You can do this by developing and installing a custom Facebook tab. A custom tab allows you to design and deliver distinctive call to action initiatives. Make sure the layout illustrates the value in why someone should sign up to your e-newsletter. Remember it’s all about “what’s in it for me” in the eyes of your customer. And of course you already know to format the tab layout so it reflects your brand in the utmost manner. Only ask for as minimal amount of info as you really need to obtain. Requesting too much info on a digital advertising e-mail opt in page can deter busy fans from signing up. If you already have a well formed e-mail sign up page on your website, simply match the style and message you are using there. No need to reinvent the wheel here.

2. Running a Facebook sweepstake is another great digital advertising tactic to increase engagement and build your e-mail marketing list.

Again by integrating a custom tab on your business Facebook page, you can promote your sweepstakes with an “Enter to Win” prompt that requires users to opt in for your e-mail marketing. You can also take this digital advertising practice a step further by installing a sign-up form that pushes the information you collect into a targeted e-mail list. You can then use this data to randomly select your sweepstakes winners. Talk about multi-task marketing – A sweepstakes drives consumer participation and increases e-mail subscribers at the same time!

3. Feature a Special Offer Incentive On Your Facebook Fan Business Page to Build Your E-mail Marketing List.

Simply create a specialized offer and schedule the offer to run multiple times on your regular Facebook business page news feed. Utilize a call to action prompting users to sign up for your e-mail marketing in order to receive the redemption code etc. Provide the redemption code necessary to take advantage of the promoted deal in the welcome e-mail you will send to the new subscriber. With well planned digital advertising, your Facebook campaigns can be set to run automatically – keeping your content fresh while you keep focus on your overall digital advertising strategy.

And there you go. Three simple ways to grow the e-mail database you’ll need to effectively market your business ongoing. Need some help getting going? Give us a call; we’re here when you’re ready!

Note about the author: As core founder and Creative Director at TMC, Jami Teer-Murphy leads all branding and marketing strategy efforts. She has a broad multidisciplinary background and over twenty years of advertising industry experience. Though beginning her ad biz journey designing in traditional mediums, Jami embraces all things digital and in a big way. When she’s not creating visual brand communication magic, Jami can be found reading, attending a seminar or blogging about it. She affectionately refers to this behavior as “OCD” (Obsessive Creative Disorder).