Nevada General Construction (NGC) is a premier full B unlimited licensed Nevada General Contractor. Since 1981 NGC has been constructing, planning and managing each and every project with the same enthusiasm and attention to detail as if it were their first. From intimate Tenant Improvement projects to luxurious Class A, Tilt Up Construction and beyond, NGC is one of the most respected and recognized Las Vegas Valley builders.

Website Project Goals

Partners, Thomas Dunton and Lloyd Manning came to TMC expressing a desire to step up their firm’s online presence, while staying true to their personal preference of less is more when it comes to browsing a good web.

“Keep it simple, modern and showcase our projects in a more compelling manner than the competition. Our projects and reputation are our best selling tools.” These were the comments we heard most often during our website discovery and planning process.


Website Development


A custom WordPress, single page contemporary website design flooded with stunning large scale imagery of NGC projects offered the perfect visual yet easy to navigate website solution.

A simple blog and project gallery offered easy to use functionality to the client allowing them to post news worthy articles and showcase recent project works on the fly.

Nevada General Construction Website

Collateral Project Goals

To design an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind promotional piece that was adaptable and captivating. We set our sights on designing a textural, dimensional piece with a commanding presence to be remembered.

Custom Binder Development

We approached the design and build of their promotional leave behind from a “construction – ground up” thought process. Asking ourselves and NGC “What would it take to wow me – if I were a developer or investor on the receiving end?”



Print & Collateral

We complimented rugged, brushed steel exterior materials with refined ostrich embossed royal blue leather wrap around details. Simulating the interior of a Class A office space, every binder was hand crafted by artisans of their trade. The embossed hand painted logo on the outside and carefully placed, yet minimal usages of SPOT UV throughout the printed pages harmonized to delivery this unique one-of-a-kind promotional leave behind.nvg-portfolio

Brochure Insert

We infused the existing NGC warm color palette into a modern, large format general overview brochure design. We allowed large imagery to convey the quality of their craftsmanship, minimal text was used to define the core disciplines of the organization. A simple three hole punch made for easy and adaptable organization of the printed tangibles that would reside inside the hand made binder.nvg-brochure

Print & Collateral


Print & Collateral


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE working with the creative team at TMC. Great design, great technology – a super dedicated group of professionals to work with who are always thinking outside the box.